I have an upcoming projects that I am working on. I can not give out any details on the page, but upon meeting we will go into details about the purpose of the project. I can tell you there will be a total of 16-20 ladies used for the shots that are needed. You will be apart of a huge project that may take several months to complete. Individually you will have your own turn in the studio working with a private staff to include a make-up artist, hair stylist and assistant and photographer. This will not be your typical day in the studio. This project will be one to remember!

In order to be apart of the BB Project (This will make sense later) you must be comfortable with a semi-nude tasteful shot. This key shot will not over expose you in anyway. IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUE WITH BEING SEMI-NUDE PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE.


  • 5'6 and taller
  • Size 0-10
  • Willing to shoot Artistically Nude for one pose.


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