From 9 to 15 years of age I spent my summers with my grandfather in South Carolina. These were the best three months of my life at that age. I spend most of the time fixing my go-cart I destroyed daily, driving golf balls into the woods only the have my grandfather yell at me because gold balls apparently cost money, farming with him and my cousins or helping him fixing something I wish he left where ever he found it.

You might ask where these tools came into play, well Mr. Boyd loves to fix and create. He sometimes makes custom furniture, decks and does electrical work. Considering my grandfather only went to school until 6th grade and didn't learn to read until I was 13 using Hooked on Phonics, he found a way to make a living for his family and himself. I love my grandfather, his drive for success and constant encouragement regardless of whatever I wanted to accomplish in life.

Although there are hundreds of tools, parts and.....things, he could tell you exactly is.


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