PHOTOGRAPHY THIEF - Chris Da'Shawn Harris

I was awaken around 1am from several photographers tagging me on FB and a call from a close friend and fellow photographer. They proceeded to ask, "are you online, have you seen what we tagged you in...) I went to my computer to find that a GWC (guy with a camera) named Chris Da'Shawn Harris loved my work so much, somehow it became his.

I appreciate when individuals enjoy my work, but this guy is a piece of crap.....clearly he isn't a professional, doesn't have the skills and or ability to take any professional images like I have so I guess stealing my work was the answer. He took the time to crop out my logo, place his own on my images and then have the audacity to write how hard he worked to take them! This is blatant disrespect to myself, all the models, make-up, hair-stylist, everyone involved to get these images and the photography community, but why try to explain that to someone as pathetic and talentless as Chris Da'Shawn Harris.

I guess Chris Da'Shawn Harris didn't realize the internet works outside of Cleveland, OH and though no one would find out he can only take club pictures with spray painted cars in the background. Chris Da'Shawn Harris, didn't realize he was going to get his own featured post on my Fanpage and my website. It isn't not often someone get recognition for being pathetic and talentless but here it is.

Below are some of the images he has been using of mine. I also included pictures of his face from his Instagram (those are not my images, I beleive those are selfies (Hey Chris Da'Shawn Harris that's called giving credit! Jump onboard.) ) I wanted to include his face so you don't waist time or money on this guy.

Here is his social media:

(Guy with a Camera)
Chris Da'Shawn Harris