Nudes on the Mountain - NSFW

I'm all about getting a little dirty. On this adventure, myself Velvet Lanae and Elliott James, (fellow photographers) when to Arabia Mount outside of Atlanta and created some absolutely beautiful artistic nude shots with Model Deyanna. Just the night before we were all apart of an art show, selling our work together, but decided to get out and create new work together. Especially since Elliott was visiting from Mississippi.

Our model has only been at this modeling thing less than 6 months but make it look as though she started years ago. Velvet had worked with her prior to this session but neither Elliott or myself had. We all shoot different styles at time but we came together to assist and collaborate with each other. This was my first time visiting Arabia Mountain, but I wish I had gone earlier. We only spent about 2 hours out here, which is a fair amount of time to shoot, but not to explore all there is to see. I will be going back pretty soon. I have some BTS images below. I will share some of my captures soon.