Take no losses...

I recently got a Synology 1815+ NAS (Network Attacted Storage) 8 bay system and I couldn't be happier with the results. My main goal was image backup, but this thing is far more that just a place to store images. Synology did a great job of creating a drive unit that is basically a server. You can upload, download, stream media, create shared users and more. I have a professional Dropbox account that I will be replacing by using this 1815+. There is no monthly fees to use Synology products. There are endless ways to use and configure this thing but the best part is I was up and running in 10 min. Seriously one of the easiest things I've ever used.

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Gotta love a garage sale!

Well I woke up nice and early just in time to catch a garage sale. This garage sale happen to be at a photography shop I love to shop with. Showcase! They had some great deals, in face most of the items were 50% off. HELLO! I kinda lost it for a minute. I had to do a little self gathering cause I wanted it all.....but I couldn't take it all with me----- sadly! #damn #maybeoneday


Me just standing there!

Why was I waiting...

I really didn't have an excuse, but for some reason I didn't buy it until today. I've been wanting a new Nikon SB-910 flash for some time now. I had no intentions on buying one today but I managed to stop at my favorite photography and video location in Atlanta "Showcase." I gently lowered my head and handed over my American Express. If your ever in the area stop by and tell them I told you to come by.