Thank You...

Today I reached a 1000 Fans on my Facebook Fan Page. I'm pretty excited to about that. I need to thank the fans of my page and those that have engaged with me, asked question and allowed me to help them with their concerns. If there is something about me you should know, I love to help other photographers get the shot they are looking for. No one can do it alone. No one. I too would not have this small success without all the help from great customers, models, make-up artist, designers and photographer friends!

As my close friend Velvet Lanae said I'm passionate about my work.

What most people are not aware of is the amount of work I don't get to share. Some work is private and some work is for the purpose of publication, but I can assure you that you have only seen a taste of what I have to offer. Within the next month I will have my second book on the iTunes store and even larger scale elaborate work to share. Go tell a friend to come play with us. I never upset...

Thank you again!


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