Just a quick note...

There are a lot of long nights with little to no sleep in my very near future! I actually love working throughout the night, I always have. When I'm not shooting I spend a great deal of time researching cameras, lens, locations, experimenting with lights, gels, papers, canvas, strobes, flashes and editing. Although new software, actions and presets come out daily it doesn't mean everything is going to work in your favor, but you have to try in order to know.

I have always been into fashion, personal attire and styling. Which is partially the reason I do most of the shopping for my shoots or at least style what has been brought to a shoot by the models I work with. Most guys I know hate even going to mall, but I could walk around one all day putting looks together and I have! This works out pretty well for the ladies I date...(hint, hint.)

On many occasions when working with new models, photographers or a client, they are not fully aware of the work that is involved to produce a great shoot. From hair, makeup, photography and post production, there are a great deal of hands in the pot and everyone's roles is just as important.

Over the past 4 months I have collectively produced some great work with other artist and I hope to share them with you soon!


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