Published images in Flawless Magazine

WOW! My work was recently published in Flawless Magazine which is an International Fashion magazine known for their high-end fashion spreads and amazing beauty photography. It's such an honor to be published along side these great photographers and models. This isn't my first publication with model Katherine Del Rosario and I don't believe it will be our last. With a wide assortment of eclectic imagery, we stand a chance for even more spread such as this one! I love conquering new territory, and continuing to elevate as I do so. I had a great team with me on the day we shot this spread and their hard work paid off. Great job all.

View the spread here

Model: Katherine Del Rosario / IG: @thekatherinedelrosario
Make-Up: Melanie DeFrance  / IG: @ladydefrance
Assistant: Corey Williams / IG: @coreyfoto
Assistant: Cory Nellon / IG: @daplayhousestudio



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Helping Hands

A couple days ago a fellow photographer, Shoccara Marcus asked if I could assist her with a lighting setup. Well today is that day. She will be shooting some amazing dance students. Some photographers don't wish to ever be anyones assistant. "We work very definitely." Some days she's my assistant and other days I am hers. I share this relationship with other photographers as well. Collectively we all become stronger as we learn from each other.